We are factory trained and certified in Detroit Diesel and Mercedes engines. Our affiliated truck dealer, Cullen Western Star Trucks Ltd, is certified in Cummins engines and Cat Engines as well as Allison and Eaton transmissions. We have trained mechanics that can work on all on- highway truck engines. Our service capabilities and activities range from routine inspection, maintenance and provincial commercial vehicle inspection through to computer diagnostics and complete component overhauls. Our service work encompasses - the entire truck including climate control systems, cooling systems, electrical systems as well as engines, transmissions, and differentials. We also have two chassis dynamometers in Surrey and Kamloops to help us diagnose and cure low power problems. Our Surrey and Abbotsford locations are full service Western Star Dealers Please visit our Western Star website for more detailed information.
Both Service and Parts areas have extended working hours
We can conveniently schedule maintenance or provide support in case of emergencies.
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