An experienced team of service personnel provides factory-trained service, both in-house/field repairs and on-site, for all products we distribute. Service capabilities and activities range from routine inspection and maintenance through to complete overhauls. Service for the products we sell is our focus and believe that the next sale is directly related to the service support we provide. Our goal in all cases is to help owners achieve the lowest total cost of ownership by designing preventative maintenance programs to meet required codes and catch as many small problems before they become big problems. Our power generation services include regular preventative maintenance to CSA codes, fuel polishing service, equipment modification to suit client needs, major component removal-overhaul-reinstallation and multipoint inspections for equipment health analysis.
Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. has 30 field service repair trucks equipped with the necessary tools to provide service anywhere in B.C. The field mechanics can be dispatched 24 hours a day directly to the job site. We also have a strategic emergency response plan which enables our staff to mobilize in the event of a major disaster to serve our customers for life safety and then business continuity.